3 Tools to simplify twitter

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With the advent of twitter, Social media has reached a whole new Level.  A simple micro blogging site that enables the average person to reach hundreds if not thousands of people with one simple tweet.

Basically twitter is  a social networking/microblogging service that allows you to answer the question, “What are you doing?” by sending a short text message 140 characters in length, called “tweets”, to your friends, or “followers.”

If your wanting to get your word out and your not on twitter, I would suggest  implementing this great resource into your daily activities.

 Get Started – http://twitter.com/

1. TweetDeck – This application works on your PC desktop. It is a way for you to manage your Twitter account without having to visit the site each time. You can create groups for friends, business associates or anyone else you like with this application. TweetDeck works in the background and also can be used offline whenever you want. Some neat aspects about TweetDeck include – 

– The ability to post your Facebook status and keep up with your friends within your TweetDeck window.

 – You can group certain users together in one window so you don’t miss any tweets from them.

  – You have a separate window for your @ replies, direct messages and your main stream.

  – No need to refresh the page as it updates automatically for you and you can change the amount of time in between updates.

2. Twhirl – This helpful feature works on the  desktop as well. Instead of spending most of your day checking and rechecking your accounts, this handy tool notifies you when you have new messages. Also, it shrinks long URLs to more manageable shorter ones for anyone who wants to click on a link in your tweets. You can search tweets for interesting new subjects and there is a spell checker so you don’t send out illegible tweets.

3. Twitterment–  Twitter has its own search engine as well. Use Twitterment to search for tweets using keywords or phrases. It’s also a buzz tracker to see what’s hot and what’s not in the Twitter world.

Twitter has caught on in a big way. If you are an avid Twitter user, the 3 tools above will help you manage your Twitter accounts without tying up your entire day.  There are numerous twitter applications to help with your tweeting experience.

 Make sure and follow the link below for more great twitter resources.


Get Started – http://twitter.com/

Tweet on……

 Be positive!

“Helping Others Succeed Guarantees Your Success” 

Steve Guttridge

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